Let’s talk about Choo Chee

It has an amusing name that sounds a bit like a sneeze but we assure you that you will be delighted by its astounding flavours. Its name comes from the sound that is made when frying the curry paste with coconut milk. The sizzling sound became renowned and, thus, the onomatopoeia “Choo chee” was given meaning. Our Choo Chee is made from our very own, aromatic homemade curry paste (none of that tinned mush!), which is also free from any MSG and preservatives.

Just like the majority of traditional Thai curries, our Choo Chee’s sweet and creamy base is from our finest quality coconut milk. To complement its mellow and warm taste, we have the heavenly, rich aromas from spur chillies, lemongrass, coriander roots, galangal and, of course, kaffir lime peel. These aromas, combined with either fried prawn, chicken, tofu, or barramundi, are finally topped off with a few strands of kaffir lime leaves seconds away from eating to boost the flavour factor.

This curry is unlike any other curry as it is thicker, creamier and dreamier in the best ways possible. Choo Chee’s creaminess is best paired with either our gourmet egg fried rice or steamed jasmine rice as the quality and aroma of jasmine rice tie the entire dish together. Or if rice is not your favourite, Choo Chee is also well-paired with our chicken winglets.

At Cloud10 Thai Cuisine, we promise to offer you the highest-quality and scrumptious menu choices, one of which is our Choo Chee. All of our curries are made from our homemade curry pastes, which are free from preservatives, artificial flavours and MSG. After you’ve tried our Choo Chee first, don’t worry- we’ll already be starting to make your seconds.

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