New Winter Dessert: Thai Tea Sankaya

Picture this: It’s a few minutes until you finish work. You’re packing up your laptop and your files. You tell your colleagues goodbye and forget about them for the night. You’re finally out of the building. You let out a little sigh of relief.

You’re walking to your car to return to your loved ones. You realise how cold it actually is and how it’d be really nice if you could just have something warm.

You’re not really hungry though. You just want to have something in a nice, cozy room to warm you up a little. Even better, to have something warm and cozy with a loved one.

Let’s try our Thai Tea Sankaya.

Sankaya is a type of Thai custard dip that is very popular in Thailand. We grew up eating it since we were very little. Whenever we came back from a long day at school, this was what we heard calling for us. It’s one of those dishes that screams “nostalgia”. Sankaya is often served hot with steamed bread with hot, sweet milk.

Please note the complimentary drinks (either hot milk or hot tea) are only available for dine-in orders.

Start your winter right by staying warm and happy with our Thai Tea Sankaya. Alternatively, have a look at our other dishes here on Instagram and send us a message or call 0484 864 016