Our Winter Special: THAI LAKSA

Did you know, the lowest temperature next week will be 4°C? Yep. You better stay warm next week because it’s gonna get a little chilly.

So why not stay warm with our new Laksa?

Laksa or “Guay Teaw Gang”, as we call it in Thai, is a popular dish in Thailand originating from southern Thailand. Southern Thailand is known for its hot and flavoursome curries and soups. Laksa is no exception.

Each Laksa is carefully crafted to bring out the unique flavours of Thai laksa. With the aroma of garlic and spices, we bring out all the flavours everyone

deserves to experience from a Laksa. In each Laksa, we also include our seafood balls, beansprout, Chinese cabbage, and tofu so you can get the full experience of being by the sea in southern Thailand in Australia.

Just remember that whenever you are cold, we will be here to welcome you with our warm, mouth-watering Laksa. Alternatively, have a look at our other dishes here on our Instagram and send us a message or give us a call at 0484 864 016